• RSSH with sudo

    I once made an extension to allow sudo for rssh by Derek D. Martin (Website) and also implemented an rsync patch written by Russ Alberry (more information: See here). It’s basically so you can allow users to do various things based on the sudoers files, which makes everything a bit more flexible. I have only tested it rudimentarily, so if you find any problems, let me know. Please note that the author of rssh does not really work on rssh anymore, apart from security patches if someone finds issues. Please also note that the author of rssh does NOT support this version. If you encounter issues you believe have to do with rssh, and not with the sudo extension, make sure to reproduce the issue with the standard version of rssh. Also be very cautious when you set up sudo, and read Mr. Martin's comments regarding this here, as his concerns are important and should be taken into consideration before using this. If you find any issues concerning the rsync patch, contact Russ Alberry. If the issue concerns the sudo extension, let me know! Also please bear with my C code. I am by no means a good C programmer, I just worked with what was provided.

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