My name’s aurelin, and I am a Linux system administrator who has delved into the world of web development. Currently, I reside in Canada, but I am not originally from there. My first language is actually German.

Aurelin is a composition of the names Aurora (meaning “dawn”) and Eveliina/Evelyn (deriving from the diminutive of Avila, which means “desired”). I just like both names and could never decide, so that happened.

education & courses

  • Trade school diploma¬†in Computer Science, subject area system administration (two years of work experience on Linux servers)
  • System security course
  • Software testing, finished with certification as foundation level software tester
  • C on Arduino course
  • Windows Server 2008 course


  • 3.5 years as sysadmin (Linux/Unix based systems mostly)
  • 2¬†years as web developer


  • Fluent in German and English (can translate between the two)
  • Can communicate in French (written and spoken)
  • Can read and write in Dutch